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Thread: So the 12 string arrived... :)

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    Default So the 12 string arrived... :)

    Got it Friday and played it some then and got back to trying again today. I honestly don't know what to do with all of the extra strings! I can't seem to keep them in tune when playing. It's got a really nice finish and came in a great case, plus the pickups sound great, even when pushed. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be filtron knock-offs or what, as the Eastwood site says they're "EW-retro" HBs - whatever they are, I like them and their sound even when picking individual strings (and not their counterpart high strings).

    The guitar is very heavy though - at least for me. I can only play it for about a half an hour before I have to put it down. Being disabled sucks.

    Any pro tips from 12 string players out there about playing it? I figure I'm doing something wrong here - probably with both hands, as I'm not really a pick/plectrum guy (so I've been using my fingernails) and my fretting can be spotty from time to time. Right now I have to admit I'm very tempted to turn it into a 6 string and just explore those pickups some more!

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    first off, be careful if you take the high strings off. It'll def knock your neck out of whack and you'll need to tweak the truss rod. there's just tons of tension on any 12 string neck, regardless of make/model.

    you could look at getting metal fingertip picks, I believe Dunlop makes them? Regardless, they are readily available on eBay for real cheap.

    As you've just found out, tuning a 12 string can be a royal pain! In my experience - which isn't any large by any means - get a set of Thomastic Flatwounds. Very spendy, but once they break in after a couple of hours of use they retain their tone and require very little adjustment. I have had the same set on my Ric 360-12 for over 10 years and they still sound great.

    Of course, I am assuming the tuners on your guitar are of good quality (Eastman's usually are), and the string are wrapped correctly (which I'm assuming they are if this came from Jerry's).
    I'm sure others will chime in whith other string possibilities ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by azwhofan

    you could look at getting metal fingertip picks, I believe Dunlop makes them? Regardless, they are readily available on eBay for real cheap.
    They are only like a buck or so apiece. I'm not a 12 stringer, although I'm not averse to the idea, but a Fred Rose thumbpick (Thanks!, Jimmy) and the afore-mentioned Dunlops let me fingerpick. When I try w/just fingers and thumb, 5-10 minutes bring on big blisters. One thing about metal picks, if you don't know (I didn't), is that you don't just stick 'em on and go. Put them on your fingers, assume playing position, and bend and shape them to the right angles. It made it a whole lot easier and better sounding.

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    I have 3 - 12 string guitars. Make sure toe have extra light strings, 10 - 53, the Thomastic strings are great, get a good tuner and give the guitar a chance. I think in time you will enjoy it. I mostly use a flat pick , but I'm old!

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