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Thread: 2013 Giveaway - Prize Winners, 5-6-13

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    Default 2013 Giveaway - Prize Winners, 5-6-13

    5/06/13 - #683 ~ (Astutzman) Alf Stutzman is the Grand Prize winner! He has chosen the Breedlove D-M for his prize.
    5/07/13 - #305 ~ (ManMyth) Brian is the 2nd winner! Brian chose the Eastwood 12-string electric for his prize.
    5/08/13 - #165 ~ (LeftyLP) Another Brian is the 3rd winner! Brian has picked the Fender amp for his prize.
    5/09/13 - #923 ~ (Leftee) Eric is the 4th winner and picked the 5 sets of PRS electric strings for his prize.
    5/10/13 - #552 ~ (Straightface) Kurt is the 5th winner! Kurt picked the BB King book.
    5/11/13 - #820 ~ (ThaBassment) Matthew is the 6th winner! He has picked the Sennheiser wireless mic system.
    5/12/13 - #869 ~ (Zion66) Shane is the 7th winner! Shane picked the wood set from Richard.
    5/13/13 - #435 ~ (Ragtime) Jim is our 8th winner! Jim picked the case of Martin strings from My Favorite Guitars.
    5/14/13 - #254 ~ (LeftyGuy) Guy is our 9th winner! He has selected the micro fibre polish cloth.
    5/15/13 - #722 ~ (Brian T.) Brian is our 10th winner! Brian picked the Fender guitar strap.
    5/16/13 - #215 ~ (LindaLoo) Linda is our 11th winner! Linda picked the 1st pack of V-picks.
    5/17/13 - #291 ~ (JimmyEis) Jimmy is our 12th winner! Jimmy picked the 2nd pack of V-picks.
    5/18/13 - #703 ~ (Es335td) Rob is our 13th winner! He did, in fact, claim the capo!
    5/19/13 - #376 ~ (JesseD) Jesse is our 14th winner! Jesse picked the 3rd pack of V-picks.
    5/20/13 - Rollover
    5/21/13 - #687 ~ (LeftyBen) Ben is our 15th winner! Ben picked the 4th pack of V-picks.
    5/22/13 - #855 ~ (Otterhound) Richard is our 16th winner! He has chosen the mandolin strap from LeftyJack.
    5/23/13 - #588 ~ (ssscott7700) Steve is our 17th winner! Steve picked the Intellitouch tuner.
    5/24/13 - Rollover
    5/25/13 - #242 ~ (gk_toronto) Garvan is our 18th winner! Garvan picked the 5th pack of V-picks.
    5/26/13 - #693 ~ (Herschel) Robert is our 19th winner!
    5/27/13 - #994 ~ (Stearman) JP is our 20th winner! JP picked the Guitar Intros book.
    5/28/13 - #887 ~ (Pjmuck) Peter is our 21st winner!
    5/29/13 - #409 ~ (NY Lefty) George is our 22nd winner! George got something from my personal stash.
    5/30/13 - #328 ~ (Hot_Water) John is our 23rd winner! John picked the package of 3 VHS tapes.
    5/31/13 - #943 ~ (JDWelch78) Jon is our 24th winner! Jon picked the J-45 style guard from James Burkett.
    6/01/13 - #061 ~ (Watusi) William is our 25th winner! William picked the 3 sets of resonator strings.
    6/02/13 - Rollover
    6/03/13 - #713 ~ (Mikeetchart) Mike is our 26th winner!
    6/04/13 - #583 ~ (Macca23) Marc is our 27th winner! Marc picked the L-00 shaped Burkett guard.
    6/05/13 - Rollover
    6/06/13 - #213 ~ (petertheleader) Peter is our 28th winner!
    6/07/13 - #890 ~ (pf!) Phil is our 29th winner! Phil picked the Stevie Ray Vaughn book.
    6/08/13 - #778 ~ (Mark the Magnificent!) Mark is our 30th winner! Mark picked the "Mandolin Jammers" book.
    6/09/13 - #183 ~ (JohnnyJ) John is our 31st winner! John has picked the "Dobro Jammers" book.
    6/10/13 - #958 ~ (JB) JB is our 32nd winner! JB has picked the "LH Guitar - The Complete Method" book.
    6/11/13 - #952 ~ (rbachman) Rob is our 33rd winner! Rob picked the "Guitar 1" book.
    6/12/13 - Rollover
    6/13/13 - #980 ~ (GuitarTom) Tom is our 34th and final winner! Tom picked the AC/DC song book.
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    As it should be... Congrat's

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    Congratulations Alf!!!

    Now if you could please send me the winning numbers for next weeks Megabucks drawing.

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    I just got off the phone with Alf. He is one happy winner! Said he'd checked the Pick 3 numbers and if it had been held on ANY of the past 7 days he would not have won!

    He's on vacation in Florida so he should have the Breedlove in his hands by Thursday to enjoy before he drives it to it's new home in Canada.

    Sometimes the nice guys do win...


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    If the drawing had been held on the 20th of April, I would have won

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    I went back as far as late Mar. and none of mine have come up so far. So I'm due!


    The King of Wishful Thinking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leftee
    I went back as far as late Mar. and none of mine have come up so far. So I'm due!


    The King of Wishful Thinking
    You know, that's pretty much what I expected to see in my case when I went back into the history. You might well be due. I tell ya what...I just bought a Powerball ticket for a ridiculously miniscule chance at a 220 million prize. First time in a very long time I've done such a thing. Now, THAT'S wishful thinking! Come to think of it, that action probably makes me better qualified for King of Wishful thinking than you are! Maybe we could make you Prince Regent, or something like that!

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    Anything but princess...

    or queen.

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    Hi Everyone:

    I'm happy I won, but am freaked out by it. I've never won anything in my life and now this, for the third time. What are the odds?

    I know I buy a lot of tickets, because this giveaway has been very very good to me. So I figured I was supporting LeftyFrets and that I'm still way ahead, but I expected to lose this year.

    Can't believe it, luck and timing.

    Can't wait until I try the Breedlove, Gary should be a salesman for them, he loved it so much!!

    I plan to take it home with me, back to canada, should be fun!!!

    Good luck to everyone on the rest of the prizes!

    I hope some lucky person, really enjoys my old Norman.

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