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Thread: 2013 Giveaway - HOW TO ENTER!

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    Default 2013 Giveaway - HOW TO ENTER!

    Rules for drawing:

    1) Only 1,000 chances will be issued, maximum.

    2) "Tickets" are numbered chances and not printed material.

    3) "Tickets" will be numbered from 000 to 999.

    4) All winning "tickets" will be decided by the winning "Pick 3" number from the Georgia state lottery, date to be decided and announced once all tickets are sold out.

    5) Prizes will be given away on consecutive days starting with the Grand Prize and moving daily to the Second Prize, Third Prize, etc. until all prizes have been given away.

    You can see previous winning numbers here:

    6) Tickets may be purchased by the following 3 methods:

    A) By check or money order - make either out to "Gary Collier" and mail to:

    Gary Collier
    514 Northampton Rd.
    Leesburg, GA 31763

    Please e/mail me ( and let me know in advance so I can reserve your (winning?) numbers early.

    B) You can send money through Paypal, also. BE SURE you do the following:

    B-1) My Paypal address is:

    B-2) If you type ANYTHING just type "A donation to LeftyFrets" - period.

    B-3) Please mark it as a "Gift" when you send it.

    B-4) Please tell me your name and/or your LF user name!

    8) "Tickets" are $5 apiece with a minimum purchase of 5 tickets required.

    9) "Ticket" numbers will be issued upon receipt and in sequential order unless you request certain numbers in blocks of 5 minimum (or 10, 15, 20, etc.). I will try to accomodate you but the numbers may vary slightly as the board fills up!

    10) I will post a list of all purchased "ticket" numbers with their "owner" as they are purchased, so everyone can see who the winners are.

    11) LeftyFrets retains the right to add, change or delete any of these rules at my sole discretion.

    12) Only one prize will be awarded per entrant.

    13) All prize winners shall have their choice of prizes, starting with the 1st winner and in order after that.

    14) If a previous winner's numbers come up in the Georgia daily mid-day drawing, we will then use the NY Lottery's 3-digit numbers for that same day as the winning number instead. You can see those results here:

    15) If individual members who also happen to operate music/guitar/instrument ventures wish to purchase chances, they can do so AS INDIVIDUALS. Individuals who own or operate a music store or business agree not to resell any prizes awarded through their store or business. Please remember that, while this is a fundraiser, it's also a LF community event and we want all to have an equal chance to participate.

    Note: People buy lottery tickets every day with a 1 in 15 million chance of winning (or even higher). This is a 1 in 1,000 chance... and the prize list keeps getting longer!


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