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Thread: 2013 Giveaway - Sponsors

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    Default 2013 Giveaway - Sponsors

    This is a list of Fundraiser sponsors. Without them there would BE no Giveaway so I ENCOURAGE all of you to go to their websites and buy your guitar-related stuff from them! Let them know that you're a LeftyFrets member when you buy your strings, books, tuners, straps, guitars or other gear and that you appreciate their involvement in LeftyFrets!

    Grand Prize (to be announced):

    Dale of DHR Music -

    Other sponsors include:

    Vic of Lefty Guitars Only -

    Dennis of The Mandolin Store -

    Alex of Lefty Vintage Guitars -

    Jon Garon of My Favorite Guitars -

    Richard of Otterhound Guitars and Tonewoods (717) 665-4464 - also seen here:

    Jerry of Jerry's Lefty Guitars -

    Thanks for looking,

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