OK, I know there are a lot of great pros on this site, so I am somewhat embarrassed as a rookie to do a guitar review...


1. Only been playing 3 years,
2. Haven't played a lot of guitars, being left handed,
3. Opinions are only my own from my limited guitar intelligence, ha.

As you can see from the picture attached, the guitar is striking!
The neck and fretboard are amazing, love the 9.5 inch radius and the feel of the neck. The fretboard is somewhat dry (you can see in the pic) so after this was shot, I replaced the strings, .10 D'addarrio and I conditioned the neck. Looks amazing.

The cherry body is outstanding and the fine grain work in it is exceptional. I think I am going to wax the body. Also, going to hold off on a pickguard to maintain the look.

Being 1 3/4 inches thick and a solid body, the guitar is heavy and after an hour, my neck hurts from the strap, lol......

The sound is great, the Bill Lawrence pickups are incredible. The bridge pickup has that real twang and the neck has more of a bluesy tone. I love the sound of each and prefer to play one or the other, both together not as much. Something is lost when both are on. These pickups love to be cranked, both in tone and volume.
The pickups have more treble than my other guitar so I had to turn the tone down on my amp to about 4 and then control with the guitar.

The bridge pickup has a buzz to it which goes away when I touch a pot but I find that my other guitar does the same thing (although not as much). I understand that tele's have this issue because of how close the pot is to the single bridge coil??????

The Gotoh locking tuners were tight when I first got it, but after replacing the strings, they have loosened up and are really nice, thanks pf!

I'm liking the vintage bridge, so I think I've changed my mind and will keep it. Bending strings with it is really easy.

Nothing like a tele and this is definitely a tele!

The case from DHR is absolutely outstanding, I am scared that I am going to mark it up, but I guess that's what a case is for!

Overall, love it and am playing it every day. Took it to my lesson and my guitar teacher was blown away with the look and the sound.

I am learning something new everyday from this baby and that's cool!

Now, back to practice,

I love this forum