Here's how I post pictures on LeftyFrets.

1) Upload your pictures to a webhosting site. I use

2) Open the picture you wish to link here. On webshots you'll see a box on the right hand side that says "link to this picture." I then click the "600" box (largest size), THEN highlight the text inside the "direct link to image" box there and copy it (control+c = copy)

3) Come back to LeftyFrets and open your dialogue box here. When you get to the place in your post where you want to post a picture, click on the 5th box from the right in the icons over this box (yellow background, black mountains in the foreground).

4) In the prompt box that appears just paste the picture link into the box (control + v = paste) and click "OK".

Voila, you're done!

Bottom line? Find the "link to image" in whatever hosting service you use, copy that and then insert it here.

E/mail me ( if you have posting questions.