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Thread: No more Mandocasters!?

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    Default No more Mandocasters!?

    I just got an email from EastWOOD that they are no longer going to have lefty Mandocasters made. They will allow me to order them 12 at a time and let me carry them exclusively. I'm going to do that. I could have sold 3 in the last week. I'm looking for a new color because I can make them any color I want. I'm thinking the EastMAN acoustic mandolin on my site has a killer burst. It could also be any solid also. I'm looking for suggestions. Here is the EastMAN burst:

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    If they only make them lefty for you, I'd spec them like you want them, and have Jerry's Lefty Guitars put on the headstock.

    Mark P.

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    That's a great looking burst, can you do half burst and half solid ?

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    I'd be interested in one, it's what led me this forum

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    Either blackest black or something like the Collings burst.

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    Lanny had an electric for sale awhile back ... not sure if he sold it, he is a member here, i believe.

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