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Thread: Tonal differences between b&s woods

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    I know the question has been beaten to death, but I am still interested in opinions. If anyone has experience with woods like cocobolo, se asian rw, amazon rosewood, honduran rw, or paduak and pau fero, I'd like your observations. Especially how you feel it stacks up against a good set of brazilian rw in a guitar that otherwise is built with the same materials. On youtube, everything sounds similar. As a for instance, the Pre-War site has a short youtube video on a comparison between their D-28 and their "international" D-28. The international is built with granadillo. The granadillo b&s seems like a very close substitute. But, I think I hear just a little difference in the demo. It seems to me that the granadillo has just a little less sustain, and the high strings seem a little brighter, to my ear. What do you think?

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    Mark, you're not going to get a lot of action on this here, I'd imagine. Also, as you know, tone is subjective, and the builder matters. I've heard guitars made from the same materials sound very different from different builders.

    I know why you're asking, and that you're not just kicking tires here on a Saturday afternoon, and that you'd really like to have some answers. I'm going to forward this to John Arnold and see if he'll reply. I don't expect him to join LF, but if we're lucky, he'll reply to me and I'll share it here.

    There is no shortage of discussions about this on the UMGF in the "log cabin". Most of those discussions (as in the repair section) are folks waiting for John to offer his insight. I'll drop him a line.

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    Actually, I am accumulating a pretty good stack of tonewoods here. I just had a set of bubinga and a set of paduak delivered today. It had no bids on it, was from a seller I'd dealt with before, and pretty much was a no brainer. I think I'm into both sets for 62 bucks and some pennies, including shipping. I have a feeling I just got lucky and they were auctions no one was looking at. But..... I always have an ulterior motive. That's why I put the qualifier of everything else being the same, although I didn't specify same builder. I meant it to include same builder though. It would be interesting to see what John Arnold thinks about it. The UMGF tires me just following links to stuff that Google finds, plus, 98% or more of the pictures don't show, saying I don't have the necessary permissions to view them. Several years ago I spent 2-3 months trying to get to where I was a member there, and it was an exhausting experience that never did get straightened out to where I could post.

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    They have a new and improved platform now, and Todd (“Buck” on the forum) handles membership issues and is a buddy of mine. I can help you get in touch with him and he could sort out any issues you might have. It’ll be worth the effort now to have all of the info there going forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark the Magnificent! View Post
    98% or more of the pictures don't show, saying I don't have the necessary permissions to view them.
    I had the same experience with the UMGF at first. I think I was using the "private browsing" setting on my phone and for some reason it was blocking some of the access?

    I've got none of the necessary experience with tone woods to comment on this thread but I'm looking forward to following it.

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