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Thread: New Electric Guitar Projects Completed

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    Default New Electric Guitar Projects Completed

    A couple months ago a friend out in the cold north-middle part of the country gave me a couple of electrics for the price of shipping. He bought them new from Rondo Music a few years ago as mod platforms and got through one of them while the other was an abandoned project.

    So for $70 I got two nice donor guitars.

    The Strat-o-copy came with the PG removed. It was a plain white guard with three cheap single coils. The body is ash and the neck is maple and bound.

    I swapped the hardware for gold and added the PG and matching backplate ordered from Warmoth.

    It now sports a pair of StewMac Parson Street humbuckers - which are *excellent* PAF clones for a great price. What's even nicer is I caught them on sale before Christmas and ordered these pickups as well as the set for the next guitar in this post. The pots are 500k CTS and the tone pot is coupled to the volume via a .022uF cap - ala '50s Les Paul wiring.

    Most of the hardware for both of these projects came from GFS.

    I had to rout the be-jeebers out of the body.

    The neck required shims so I actually ordered those from StewMac instead of using picks or whatever. It's pretty cool. The StewMac neck shims fit across the whole neck pocket. I highly recommend.

    Here's the final product.

    The next guitar is a Tele clone. It came playable with its stock bridge pickup and a DiMarzio in the neck.

    It went gold with this one as well. It sports a set of StewMac Golden Age Tele pickups - also bought during the a aforementioned sale. I did a twist on this one. Can you spot what that is?

    Both of these are great players.

    It's been a while since I've dinked with guitars in this fashion. I enjoyed myself.
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    Righty bridge pickup orientation? Does that make some good differences?

    Cool projects.

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    You got it.

    I really dig the OD tone. It’s a little more mid-rangey than a traditional Tele setup.

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    Nice work! I keep hearing good things about those parson streets. Sam

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Van View Post
    Nice work! I keep hearing good things about those parson streets. Sam
    They are one of the best PAF clones made. Period. And a bargain at the price.

    I might strip the Strat-o-copy body and stain it green. I have the stain. I just need warm weather. I’d also sand the face of the headstock and stain it as well.

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    Those look really cool!

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    I’m probably going to do a bit more to them. But, for now, I’ll just play ‘em.

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