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Thread: Happy 2018!

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    Default Happy 2018!

    I hope everyone is doing great so far in this new year! It's cold here in southwest Georgia this week - lows of mid 20s in the mornings, highs of low 40s in the afternoons - so it's a good week to stay indoors and play! I did have to put all of my acoustics in their cases with humidifiers this week, sadly, but I'll still pull one out and play around at night, then put it back up.

    I pray that your 2018 is one of the best years for you and all whom you love.


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    Same to you Gary and all the Leftyfretters, have a safe, happy and very healthy new year!

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    I'd kill for those temperatures right about now. Getting even colder this weekend. Oh yeah, Happy New year!

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    HNY to all! Yup it's pretty cold here in Houston also. This morning was 27 getting up to 44 today. It's pipe-busting cold so be sure to cover up those spigots outside!
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    Thanks, Gary; Happy New Year to you and everyone else here! May 2018 bring you all happy and pleasant surprises!

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    Happy 2018 to all!

    May this be the year I stop buying/selling and start PLAYING!!!!

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    Hi Guys,

    Feliz A?o Nuevo!

    I haven't been so active here lately but I just wanted to let you know that I'm alive and well and enjoying the hell out of my new Empress Effects Echosystem Delay that Santa brought me. I highly recommend picking one up!

    Brian Fernandez
    Los Angeles, California

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