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Thread: Bray 4550 Deluxe ( Marshall hotrod!) 50 watt amp head

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    Default Bray 4550 Deluxe ( Marshall hotrod!) 50 watt amp head

    I am original owner-I had David build this in 2010- it is well known for the " clean to scream" via the vol knob( check him out on Youtube)
    **I really am interested in $$, but will entertain guitar offers in the 2 grand range

    vid added:

    -it will ship with ss rectifier /will include the tube rectifier as well( it goes without saying, but this IS a left handed amp,btw) ***PAMPERS not included, but you might need some when you hear it roar!

    4550 Mod I PLUS #PC4550110710ZZ22YVC
    David markets this as the 4550 DELUXE these days-this head has the following:

    Dual Output Level /Wife Knobs/and included LED footswitch allows switching to a louder volume level for solos, as well as keeping your volume level loud when turning down your guitar's volume level for a clean sound

    -Harmonic Switch push/pull switch added to the Treble Control, adding harmonics and upper mids when pulled out. I enjoy this with guitars that have somewhat scooped pickups such as vintage PAF styles.

    -Vintage/Hot Switch push/pull switch added to the Midrange Control, allowing a slightly more aggressive tone when pulled out, and a mellower sound when pushed in. Useful when in Plus Mode, push it in to take a slight edge off, as well as for very clean sounds.

    -Channel 1 Bright Switch added to the Channel 1 Volume Control, adding high frequencies when pulled out. Although bypassed when the volume control is all the way up, it is useful for Classic Rock sounds when the Channel 1 Volume is set around 6. Pulled out, it adds just a bit of clang to bring you out of the mix.


    these go for about 3k these days-this baby is broken in and ready to has a few scuffs, so you don't have to baby it!
    2000 shipped/paypalled CONUS
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