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Thread: What percent lefty are you?

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    95%. No questions re fishing or butt wiping. I reel righty and cast lefty. Learned the other skill when I had my rotator cuff repaired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macca23 View Post
    back when I used that one blunt pair of lefty scissors in the classroom
    I remember that pair. The ones with the green rubber coating on the handles. I finally gave up when sharing them with the other lefty in my class got to be too much trouble. Never looked back. I swing a golf club right-handed but I putt lefty, and since I never play golf I don't count that at all. My strongest lefty characteristic is I'm a top-notch "noticer." Let somebody so much as reach for a writing instrument left handed and I'll spot em a mile away. Anybody watching "Ozark" on Netflix? Marty!

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    Except for throwing or ball or expertbating , I am lefty.

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