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Thread: 2013 Collings 01AVNL

  1. Default 2013 Collings 01AVNL

    I'm looking to sell or trade my Collings 01aVNL in hopes of getting another Collings with a Rosewood Back and Sides and preferably a Burst or Western Shaded Top. This guitar is in great condition. It does have some fret wear, but I play it regularly with no issues outside of a little buzz when my capo is on a certain way.

    I've got it listed over on Reverb but will happily knock a little bit off the price to avoid fees there. I'm having trouble with links on my post, so message me for links to pictures or for more info.


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    Beautiful guitar. Has it had any fret work since it left Hill Country?

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    Not to my knowledge. Small world that you knew the origin! Haha. I'm always surprised at how tight this community is!

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    Oops. I meant for that to me a PM. I've sent you a PM as well. Check it at your convenience.

    Best of luck with the sale. It's a gorgeous guitar. I'd share the link for you, but there seems to be an issue with linking things at the moment.

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    I can't even access my messages tonight. Something must be up with the page.

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    I dig it; can't go wrong with Collings/Adi/Hog/VN neck/long saddle. Is it Adi bracing as well? tongue brace yes/no? Apologies if I missed those details

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    I wrote Collings tonight to find out. I'm not sure about the bracing. I'll add those details as soon as I get em!

    Thanks! It's a great guitar. I just long to get back to a Rosewood back!


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    Not to Hi-jack this thread but how will the long saddle change the tone?

    It is a very pretty 01


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    Collings long saddles are not true through saddles, so they are purely aesthetic in my opinion. I'll let others comment on any experiences with tone differences (if any) for true through long saddles. I imagine a lot of the debate is adjustability for setups on drop-ins vs through saddles

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