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Thread: Pre*War Guitar Company "HD"

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    Here was my entry to the Martin forum regarding my HD for anyone interested. Jerry will be receiving his first batch of PW's next week from what I was told today. There is a single 0 - 14 fret that Wes told me is incredible. (I'll bet they all are).

    Well... it's here... and it's absolutely spectacular. That's the best way I can describe it. I have so much running through my brain right now that I'm just gonna keep this short (hopefully...ha) and maybe write more after some more time with it. We all know that honeymoon periods are a real thing... we're all usually quite smitten at first, yada yada.

    This guitar checks all of the boxes for me. Adi/brw, hide glue, late 30's specs, the vintage feel (this is the part hardest to describe to someone who hasn't played one of these in person), the vintage look, the tone, sound & volume...good lord... and perhaps most important to me, the neck. The size and profile is just perfect to me. Absolutely perfect.

    I can't say enough about Wes & Ben. They're just awesome. From picking the woods in person back in June, to taking delivery of it today, and everything in the middle - a truly excellent experience. The guitar arrived packed better than any guitar I've ever received, and the set-up was spot on. Just perfect.

    The only trouble I have with these guitars is photographing them. It's challenging to get them to look as good as they do in person, in the photos I've taken. It looks a little bland and boring in the photos compared to how great it looks in person. There appears to be a bit of a "racing stripe" in some of the photos I've taken, and it's literally nonexistent in person. I plan to set up some studio lights and try a bit harder in the near future. I also plan to have a lefty buddy (much more skilled than I am) play and record it for me.

    For now, here is a quick video that gives a decent idea of what it looks like. The video was shot on my iphone and unfortunately got compressed a bit somewhere from my phone, to email, to youtube, but it still gives a decent enough idea.

    I'm looking forward to swapping the pins for my AA pins on the first string change. But for now, it's just perfect. Thanks for listening.

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    What a gorgeous guitar! I hope you wear it out playing it in health!


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    Looks really really nice! congratulations George!

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    Looks great George. I'm curious to hear more about it after the honeymoon wears off.

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    Thanks, guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by knotts View Post
    I'm curious to hear more about it after the honeymoon wears off.
    That might take a while.

    There are some more photos here for anyone interested.

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    Oh hell yes George. That guitar legitimately sounded live and loud just from you brushing strings. The braz is so perfect to my eye. I love the simple headstock. Perfect for your aesthetic and a direction I'm going myself. So excited to hear about your evolution with it. So fun to have such a great passion we have for guitars.

    big big congrats. I'm just pissed I'm not at that fit finish aesthetic quality....yet!


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    should we start a pool?
    I will take the under
    Yep, still have not found "The One"

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    That's some good looking rosewood for sure!

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    Congrats, George! Sounds like a real winner!

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    I will take the under
    Cute signature, Gary #2. Cute...

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