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Thread: Pre*War Guitar Company "HD"

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    As my old friend Roger Renfro (RIP) used to tell me, "Gary, remember that this new guitar sounds the WORST it will ever sound! It's only gonna get better as it ages from here out!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by leftyjack View Post
    That is the best looking dread I have ever seen!
    Quote Originally Posted by mikeetchart View Post
    My god, that thing is gorgeous.......
    Thanks, fellas!

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    After seeing this beauty of George's I'm starting to revisit my idea that "3 or 4 really good guitars" is better than one "cream of the crop boutique acoustic". All 4 of my current acoustics put together cost less than this PW but you can only play one at a time. And the wood is killer! And if you get the relic'ed look you don't need to worry about getting a ding here and there.

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