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    Not sure if there are others in the community actively purchasing tonewood "for a rainy day", but here's something that might interest those that do.

    Allied Lutherie acquired a few wide boards of "The Tree" Honduran Mahogany from a retiring woodworker. These sets are not as highly figured as some of the more premium examples out there but if you like the tonal qualities of Hog then "The Tree" is the pinnacle. I bought one set and it is as advertised. Here's the Allied Lutherie link:

    I also stumbled across two sets of Bois de Rose (Dalbergia Maritima - the real stuff) on E-Bay last month. You have to be careful when buying this species because there are several species from Madagascar branded as Bois de Rose but they are not on par with Dalbergia Maritimi, nor are they even true rosewoods. I purchased one of the sets, not sure if the other set is still available.

    Here are pictures of the sets I picked up and a guitar made from "The Tree" I acquired last year to give you a sense of the figuring.

    bois de rose.jpgTree1310103.jpg2017 Swanson OM back3.jpg

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    Cool! I had a great set of Brazilian rosewood but I traded it to the fellas at Pre*War Guitars towards my balance on my HD that they’re building.

    All I have left is a killer Adirondack top from John Arnold. I’m saving it for a rainy day as you say.

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    I do, or did, for some reason. I once fancied myself as an aspiring builder. I won't say I will never try again, but a room full of attempts I don't liker have pretty much convinced me that I should stick to trying to learn to play the guitar rather than build one. The attempts have given me a much greater appreciation of the talents of those who can build. I don't generally go for the high dollar woods, just stuff I think might be interesting. I have a couple of sets of Paduak, a couple of sets of Pau Ferro, a set of white oak, a couple of sets of pin oak, and a set of mango. I guess I am a collector of tonewoods, since it is currently just sitting there!

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