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Thread: Martin Custom Shop 000-28 Adi/EIR FS scalloped 1-3/4", 45 style backstrip

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    Default Martin Custom Shop 000-28 Adi/EIR FS scalloped 1-3/4", 45 style backstrip

    As I said in my other thread under electrics for sale--grail guitar possibly happening; never thought I'd sell this lifer but here it is... I'm traveling until Sunday. I can email anyone seriously interested pics immediately (mmss1219 at gmail) and will link to reverb ads once I make them on Sunday when I get back home.

    3) 2013 Martin Custom Shop 000-28 Adirondack top (select), EIR back/sides, forward shifted scalloped 1/4" golden era style bracing, 1-3/4" nut, ModV neck, 45-style backstrip, ivoroid binding, delmar tort guard, 28-style inlays and rosette. INSANELY good sounding and broken in. I did all the hard work over the last four years playing the bejeebus out of it. I played this guitar at least 4 days/week consistently if not more. I run light John Pearses on it and have been really happy. This guitar is very loud for a short scale 000 and I have yet to run out of headroom with a tort pick on it. I primarily play it fingerstyle (about 70%) of the time. I spec'd this when I was selling a few standard Martins and wanted one "do it all" desert island guitar for everything and was inspired to make a more vintage and hot-rodded Clapton 000. I'd also note that the B/S wood has a nice figuring and color variation but it is noticeably very much darker than other EIR coming out of Martin, which I've always liked. I can email the full CS build sheet to review specs if someone would like.

    $3200 shipped

    Feel free to email if interested, PM's will be hard to check while traveling so email is preferred. Though I am entertaining funding a grail guitar and would like to pass these on to other players who will appreciate their great feel and tone, I am not desperate. Reasonable offers are always considered within the LF community

    Thanks for looking!
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    I'm familiar with this 000. It's gorgeous!! If I didn't have so many irons in the fire I'd jump on it in a heartbeat. Killer specs. Very well thought out. And Matt is a great dude. Buy with confidence!

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    I remember when Matt ordered and got ..and yes ..Matt is the real deal ..hey Matt..long time ..hope u r well..course I'm curious as all as to this grail guitar my to be something to give up the 000. ..
    I bet he's gone dog on us and us looking at a Breedlove with genuine laminate back ...disposable for travel Matt ..
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    haha hey BD! how ya been?! Thanks for the kind words fellas. To answer the question, yes this is pretty tough, still wrestling with this move, but its for a vintage strat.

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