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Thread: Shipping to Canada..Help?

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    Fingerboard, per the Martin website, is ebony, but, I think I may pass on the offer.

    Thank you all for your help.....


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    Bill, you got bum info. The bridge and board are ebony, as is the case with all post 2012 D18’s. The headstock veneer, however, is East Indian RW.

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    I sold one guitar to Canada thus I will NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!
    It was 5 or 6 years ago. The buyer was out in the Vancouver area while I am in Florida.
    He was in a hurry and we checked and EXPRESS MAIL was the lowest co$t way to get it to him
    next day.

    I shipped it and within 16 hours it crossed the border. Canadian Customs grabbed it.
    And there it sat for 30+ days.
    He finally got so frustrated he was phoning his elected representatives.
    Someone at Canadian Customs finally said: "Oops!"
    And he got the guitar within a few hours.

    The total experience was a nightmare for both he and I.
    NEVER will I ever sell to Canada again.

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    Hey Bill:

    If us canadians buy a guitar from the USA, we pay double to have it shipped up and while there is no duty applied, we pay 13% tax on the value of the item. Thats not counting any wood issues. I would expect it to be the same in the USA, pay shipping (double) and taxes when it comes in. I've done it, but its a hassle.

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    I ship to Canada all the time. One is going out tomorrow. I always use USPS. Fedex and UPS charge the person who receives the guitar a brokerage fee of about $100. USPS does not. USPS shipping fees are about $75 to $100 depending on weight. Canadian Customs charges the person who receives the guitar their local sales tax. You can put a lower value on the customs form and save them some tax. And yes, CITIES is in effect for all rosewood being shipped over borders. How does anyone know what's in the box? I've never had a box opened by customs in 10 years. Hundreds of guitars shipped over borders. Not once.

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    What Jerry said, plus the last time I did it, the tracking stopped at the border. Unless you are getting a really good price for it, just say thanks, but no.
    We don't have to pay retail anymore.

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