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Thread: All those lefty Facebook forums.

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    Here's a few of the larger ones...Vintage Lefty Guitars..Left Hand Guitar Sale/Trade...Left Hand Guitars...Buy,Sell,Trade Left Handed Guitars.......Left Handed Guitarist, Left Handed Guitars.....Lefties Unite ...There are more Im sure. Some of them are pretty funny. One is from the UK and has a lot of overseas guitars for sale. You can find some great deals but you have to be quick. Apparently there are quite a few people that are tired of ebay/reverb. I am impressed at the number of members, most ae 1-2000, and one is like 3500 members. Discussions seem to be pretty civil, owning to the fact that everyone is using their real name- at least we think so. Some don't allow retailers.
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    I'm a member/administrator at Lefties Unite and a member at Vintage Lefty Guitars, also there's a group dedicated to lefty Gibsons that I check out occasionally.
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    whoa I am never on FB, but I just requested the vintage group; looks like an old friend is already a member; I'll be anxious to see what gets posted

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