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Thread: Thoughts and Prayers are with Jerry Welch

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    Jerry just updated his Facebook page. Made it through intact. Good news!

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    Great news! I was mighty worried about him.

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    Glad Jerry is ok. I forgot that Jon is down there as well.
    Yep, still have not found "The One"

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    That's great news. Glad they are all ok.

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    i live in port charlotte, about 40 miles south of sarasota. we had 70-80 mph winds and about 10 inches rain. mainly just branches down and some flooding in the area. everybody lost electricity around here. no land phone. no wifi. they have curfew at 9pm. everybody has to be off the road. walmart was open today. just a couple places to eat.

    electric came on today at 12 noon and i put the generator away in the shed. as soon as i came into the house, the electric went out again. just got it back on at 8 pm tonight.
    lost 1 oak tree. look likes a bomb went off in back yard. but the house is fine. a few shingles missing. no biggy.
    we got very lucky that the storm finally fizzled out and moved inland. the eye of the storm missed us.

    i must say, skirting the edges of Cuba and disrupting the storm, it never really got back together after that. plus it moved east of the gulf coast, another savior. this couldve been very bad.

    i count my blessings we were saved from a disaster.
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    I just got off the phone with Jerry, and his electricity is back on and his store is now open for business. He said the gasoline has been unobtainable for several days, but now it is sparsely available. Says he has a lot of water on his property, over 2 feet.

    Feel free to call him regarding Guitars!
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