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Thread: SOLD! ~ Martin 1941 D-28 Authentic

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    Default SOLD! ~ Martin 1941 D-28 Authentic

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    Why did this need a neck set so soon? Was it covered under warranty?

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    When I purchased the guitar from the first owner I noticed when I tuned up the guitar that the action was above 10/64 at the 14th fret. I took it to my luthier who looked it over and said it needs a neck reset. The saddle was moving forward in the bridge at an angle. He said these guitars are so lightly braced they need light gauge strings, and properly taken care of should not need another neck reset. The guitar plays better than ever now. I have too many acoustic guitar and I'm currently wanting a Gibson Les Paul.

    Thanks for asking

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    George, the neck set was not covered under warranty as I am the second owner.

    I can't answer why it needed a neck set so early. I have heard that occasionally some Martins need neck sets early on.

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    I've never heard of a Martin dread being braced so lightly that it can't handle mediums safely. That's nonsence. These guitars ship from the factory with mediums.

    I'm sure with a fresh neck set it's ready to go. Good luck with the sale.

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    Thanks George. I hope it sells soon.

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    Sold yesterday on Reverb

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    Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    Thanks buddy! ✌️

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    Way to go! Authentics are great guitars!

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