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Thread: 1960 LP burst. WOW...

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    Here's the one that Scott was talking about.
    lefty 57 gt.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty Elmo View Post
    Carter's also has (had) a lefty ES-345 from 1960, priced WAYYYY high [...]
    Steve, et al -

    345 has long shown on the site, so I assume still up for sale, listed at $47.5k. I believe Carter's nudge it +/- 2.5k every once and a while. I have never inquired as to negotiated pricing.

    The Stroup lists at $350k

    Let's say we do a little fantasy market modeling here. Given a minty 1960 345 sits at around 10k+ to mid-teens, and I am not a believer in super mark-ups for lefties (allowing a slight rarity upcharge, but keeping "I gotta have it" impulses out of the equation), not sure I would go over $17k unless I was just hemorrhaging money

    Anyone else got thoughts? And given this, pricing for the Stroup? Just curious if we want to play....

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    Given that there are wealthy left-handers (not me!), and nobody selling a '57 or '60 LP had to pay extra to have it made, the idea of adding a "lefty surcharge" on a vintage instrument is even crazier than doing it for new ones. You could try to make the case that there might be only four of any particular year available, but it's not like righty '57's are on sale at every street corner. I would concede a slight price increase for rarity, but up to 70% for a '60 345? That's a case of 'screwed but not kissed'. Even two grand in this instance (from 'mid-teens' to $17K), is nonsense.
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    I agree, the kind of money Carter's is asking for either guitar, especially the ES-345 in way beyond crazy. At least with bursts, there have been especially nice ones (righties) that have sold for that kind of money, but of course with beautiful tops. But, I've never heard of another ES-345 go for anywhere close to $47K, not even blond ones.
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    My sense is that, pre-2008 economy crash, this sort of high pricing was rewarded with investors flush with cash buying anything and everything up.

    It feels to me like that is not the case any longer, although Carter et al are in this world day to day. I assume that Carter has made a calculated risk by shooting high, and has factored in he'll need to wait to get somewhere near those prices. There must be something that had led him to believe he can get it, or near the asking price.

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    ... “Of the two ’59 left-handed ‘bursts, only the whereabouts of one of them is currently known,” said Mike Gutierrez, Consignment Director at Heritage Auctions, “and it’s in the vault at Heritage waiting for a new owner to come and claim it after the auction. Talk about a ‘Holy Grail’ piece, this one has it all; rarity, beauty, a story and unquestioned value.” ...
    Off topic, but last month Mike told me this year's October auction will include a few special leftys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wmthor View Post
    Off topic, but last month Mike told me this year's October auction will include a few special leftys.
    Curious who's claiming TWO lefty '59 bursts, since it's been accepted since the 1980's that the MacEnroe Burst is the only one known from 1959.
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    Carter's had a 64 lefty Strat in an original metallic red finish about a year ago. I was there and played it for a bit. It was the coolest guitar I ever played, I know that. They had it listed for $40,000 (maybe $45,000...I can't remember) and it vanished about 9 months ago. I wonder what that actually sold for?

    I saw the 345 (didn't bother playing it) and the burst was on the wall in a case behind glass over in a corner. I didn't have the stones to even ask to take the burst for a spin...and a few Townsend windmills.

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    Funny, the 64 lefty Metallic Red Strat is back (almost positive this is the same one from Carter' many can there be?!?!)...but now it's new asking price is 10K more than at Carter's. Didn't win the Powerball so I'll pass.

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