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Thread: First Half of an Arranged Marriage

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    I feel a little awkward posting in this section since I'm not a luthier, but this seemed like the right place for it. I purchased this dread top today along with a similar parlor top. I already have plans for the parlor (pairing it with Ancient Kauri). I haven't locked in on what I'm going to do with the dread top but probably not going with Rosewood or Mahogany. Definitely interested in any suggestions from this community.

    Here's a brief description of Ancient Sitka from the JOI Guitars website:

    A picture of the dreadnought top:

    Ancient Sitka 1100 B.C..jpg

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    I read up on this a bit and find it fascinating.

    I would not get to crazy with back and side woods but that is just me. It does seem like it deserves a special wood but what will it sound like???

    I would personally look into something like Sinker Mahogany. (I know you said not hog ) I looked up the slash guitar using this with "The Tree" and it is just to much to me. This top Needs to shine on its own merits....

    Actually something like African Blackwood with that top should sound and look beautiful.
    How would this top sound with African Blackwood? I don't know.

    Here is Vic with a redwood/African Blackwood louden

    I look forward to see what others pipe in with and look forward to hearing what you decide on.fantastic stuff.

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    Hi Stacey. Thanks for the well thought out suggestions.

    I agree Sinker Mahogany would be a good match, so I probably shouldn't completely rule out Hog. I have another build going on right now with Rosewood which is the reason it's off the list. I think your point on letting the top shine on it's own merits makes a lot a sense (i.e. pair with really good back and sides but don't necessarily try and find something comparable/outrageous).

    African Blackwood... well it's actually the best back/side tonewood I've ever played, but I'm actually the owner of the guitar in the video you posted. Here's a few pics:

    2015 Lowden O-50 side.jpg 2015 Lowden O-50 front 7.jpg 2015 Lowden O-50 front 3.jpg 2015 Lowden O-50 back 2.jpg

    Pairing with AB would definitely lead to some serious overtones and would visually be a great match.

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    I secured the back/side wood for the parlor. I ended up going with Mediterranean Olivewood.

    I haven't finished coordinating the builder quite yet, but I'm hoping it will be Steve Fischer Guitars. Before striking out on his own, Steve headed up Paul Reed Smith's Private Stock Acoustic division and built instruments for McPherson Guitars before that. I need to determine if there will be enough wood to build a Concerto or if it will need to be a Solista. If I have to, I could use the dread-sized Sitka top but I'd prefer to hold onto to that one for a future build.

    Steve Fischer Guitars

    Olivewood and Ancient Sitka
    Olivewood B&S.JPG20170812_125949.jpg
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