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Thread: The Age Old Question

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    If I had to choose from my current guitars, I would probably pick my SG. That guitar has been with me the longest. For acoustics, I would pick my Fender F65. I've had it for a good number of years (got it back in the early 80s). It is actually a toss between that one and my Epiphone. But, my oldest likes the Epiphone so much I would probably let him continue using it.

    For an amp, up until a month ago it would have been my Mesa Mark IV. But, since then, my brother has completed building me a new quilted maple combo enclosure for my Mesa Nomad 45. Even though the Nomad is not as good an amp as is the Mark IV, I would probably choose it - simply because every time I look at it I think of my brother.

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    Lefty guitars: Gibson SG standard ('76) : Gibson LP custom ('79) : '06 Fender Strat
    Amps: Mesa Boogie Mark IV : Mesa Nomad 45 : Peavey Vypyr Tube-60
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    My Les Paul
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    My Modded Peavey Vypyr 75

    That last one surprises even me a little.

    If there were a second electric it would be my Agile Tele clone with the Rumpelstiltskin Back Knight pickups.

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