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Thread: New Cabinet day for my Rivera Super Champ

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    Default New Cabinet day for my Rivera Super Champ

    I bought one of these lil beasts over 10 years ago. Changed the original speaker to a ragin cajun. was a cool little amp to take to the jams. everybody was surprised at the volume of this mini amp. it was a very bright amp. you needed to use the tone on your guitar to dial this amp in. The cabinet had a rattle/buzz that i couldnt figure where it was coming from. used an extension speaker and it was fine. but i needed to carry the amp plus the cabinet. that kind of deats the purpose of a small amp.

    I decided to have a 1x12 cabinet built. i had Peter Mather at Mather amp cabinets make me this one. took a couple weeks. I'm very happy with the results.

    original super champ



    and here is the new cabinet with an eminence red fang alnico.

    SC new cabinet 1.jpg

    SC new cabinet 4.jpg

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    From what I'ver heard, that's a great call. It looks awesome; I suspect it sounds awesome as well. It makes the amp look "right" to me with the larger size....

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    How does the Red Fang sound?
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    Great thinking - I've had those frustrating cabinet buzzes and they are infuriating. Enjoy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmthor View Post
    How does the Red Fang sound?
    the super champ is very bright. without modding the tone stack, i think it needed a bigger cabinet and a warmer speaker to tame it. with the red fang, its not as harsh on the high end. the bass is still tight and not flabby when driven. the speaker doesnt sound bassy and dark. it still keeps its fender crispness.

    the only other eminence speaker i want to try is a cannabis rex. they say it sounds great in a blues junior. but the red fang wont fit in a blues junior, so its hard to get a comparison between the 2 speakers without just trying it myself.

    the red fang is a pretty big speaker. it doesnt fit in every 1x12 amp

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