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Thread: LA Times article on Gibson's "music lifestyle" branding

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    Default LA Times article on Gibson's "music lifestyle" branding

    Henry still trying to be Steve Jobs, or now Phil Knight. To me, his tenure is littered with guitars no one wants and dumb business and real estate deals.
    They could be so successful and stable if he were not running the show.
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    The quote of the article is Henry saying this: “The fact is, we don’t see ourselves as a guitar company, we see ourselves as a music lifestyle company.”

    I think the "we" he refers to is just him. That's the problem in a nutshell.
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    Indeed. I just found another article from a few years ago about his "management" style. Oy...

    It starts with:

    "The complicated calculus of US manufacturing today often forces executives to alienate labor at the behest of investors and retailers, retailers at the behest of investors and labor, or investors at the behest of labor and retailers. But managers rarely hit the trifecta Gibson Guitar’s CEO and major shareholder Henry Juszkiewicz pulled off this year by estranging all three constituencies at once."

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    I appreciate that, in the midst of all this big dreaming and scheming, they still made a Les Paul for me. One that absolutely works for me.

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    With all this weirdness going on at Gibson, I'm so glad that I have a Les Paul that I'm happy with and am not in the market for any new offering from Gibson. (Well, maybe a cherry ES-345, but that's it.)
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