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Thread: New Guitar Build Pre*War 000 shadetop lefty

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    Ben & Wes sure have access to great wood. Thank you for the photos George! Definitely above and beyond the call of duty, after a long night of driving!
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    Looks great so far! George, props on providing the "spy" photos--very cool to see the progress

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    This is the style of shadetop I'm hoping for....the photo is a '38shade.jpg

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    I just stopped by PW again on my way to the airport and a gentleman there showed Wes this exact photo and Wes replied "Someone else just emailed me that same photo!" That's too funny.

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    Pure coincidence I'm sure George, but there is a very small sample size. Apparently only 27 or 28 shadetop 000 made in 1938. Wes told me he'd be shooting the finish this week... Hope you had a great visit
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    Nice to see he's holding it the proper way ;-)

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