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Thread: Show me your vintage lefties !

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcarp555 View Post
    I think this thread has been woefully missed by the community at large, certainly by me.

    All your guitars are great, with the exception of the Epiphone, which just looks bizarre to me. I can appreciate it for what it is, but the rest (especially the Esquires) are much tastier, personally.
    Mcarp555's comment was about the factory pickguard on the 1965 Epiphone Professional owned by jazzmaster90150, not the Epiphone Emperor conversion. Jazzmaster90150 posted photos of his Esquires along with the Epi Professional.

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    Default Leave my Irish brother alone

    What is this. Pick on Irish people month Guess I'll have to put my two cents in cuz I think mcarp is allowed to voice his general opinion Not that he needs my help.
    So he doesn't like. Big deal. I love non phonies. Being way to over sensitive
    This is petty at best. This is a lefty forum. We talk about guitars we like and don't. I own a taylor 522
    Many here hate taylor. It's love hate on taylor. I love most taylor. Especially 300 and 500 series
    But opinions are knowledge , preferences is normal , feedback is what we all seek.
    I rely on my guys and gals to tell me this. Members here are honest experiences
    I trust them over dealers. Sorry. Not a slam. But Vic and jerry and good ole Jon let the opinions stay with our members Dale is a good guy. Lord knows I prayed for his recovery for months. But u overreacted
    To a simple opinion on a pickguard. U have your health. U have everything. anything else is all good
    And u two boys are grounded no tv no internet no phones . Don't make me take u two to the wood shed! Life is short. Breathe relax. It's all good
    It's Sunday. A new day a new week. And we are all alive. And football starts in a few months
    So who hates Taylor's. Show yourself !! I dare u BD
    Hey. I woke and kknew my name. So I'm good
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    Breath of fresh air, Jack!

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    couldn't agree more with BigDog!

    Everyone is WAY too sensitive these days, in general.

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    mcarp555 don't you dare telling me my Epiphone is ugly !

    Hahaha kidding !

    I love your 67 jazz. What makes you think it's a refin?

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    I've got this photo of the body, minus neck:

    My understanding (which is basic at best) is that in the pocket you should see the impression of the paint stick used to hold the body when it was sprayed at the factory. Nor do you see any identifying marks there. Just a shim. And the burst doesn't seem exactly like you would expect on Fenders of that era; it's too diffuse and not bold enough with the red. But there are chips and dings to suggest if it was a refin, it was done quite awhile ago:

    But as I say, I'm certainly no expert in this matter. I tend to think it's better to assume it's not as original as I would hope. Everything else (pickguard, lollipop tuners, serial number place, etc. Seem to be legit.
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    It's definitely a refin (at least). The sunburst is not badly done though

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    Arthur has seen this one already, but I thought I'd post a picture of my 1964 Epiphone Bard 12 string.

    The Bard was the Epi version of the Gibson B45-12 guitar. Supposedly Clapton and Roy Orbison both had a Bard; Roy wrote Pretty Woman on his. Gibson has reissued this model a couple of years ago with a MIJ version.

    I bought this during the gravy years on eBay, I think around 2003 or so. The guy I purchased it from was in the Carolinas someplace, but he told me he purchased it from Scott Jennings wonderful Route 66 store in LA on a visit to see his sister. Ironically I remember seeing it in Scott's store in the early days when he opened it up. Small world.

    Although it was sold to me as a '67, the serial number indicates a 1964. They are not a very common guitar, even in a righty; there are far more of the Gibson version. I have never seen another lefty in all my years of shopping for lefties. I have, however, seen a couple of the Gibson branded ones over the years in a lefty version. Per the recommendation of my good friend who repairs my instruments, it is tuned down to a D to keep the neck happy.

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    I love this one and the way the "E" is placed on the guard. It looks like a mirror image.

    By the way, here is a cool pic of the original owner of my Epiphone Professional. The guy had an accident and had to learn left handed. This guitar was a gift from his son.
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    That's a great picture and great story Arthur! Did you purchase it from the original owner or his family? You can see the extent of the injury to his left hand. That's pretty severe. It looks like he has a thumb pick to compensate for the lack of ability to hold a pick.

    I remember when that guitar and amp were on the market (at least I think the amp was included with the guitar?). Such an amazing combo, and now knowing the backstory makes total sense. I don't know if everyone cares about the lineage of an instrument, but to me it's half the fun, and something you usually won't get except in rare circumstances.

    On an unrelated side note, I remember my grandparents had that same aluminum outdoor furniture back in the 60's. I haven't thought about that stuff for years....
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