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Thread: 1967/1968 Gibson J50 Slope Shoulder w/ Pure Mini *SOLD!*

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    Default 1967/1968 Gibson J50 Slope Shoulder w/ Pure Mini *SOLD!*


    This is my '67 or '68 J50 that was in poor shape when I got it. It's a factory lefty, that was played right handed for a LONG time, and then was stored in a closet for 20 or so years. When it got to me it was strung righty, and had a plastic bridge with an adjustable saddle that was lifted almost completely off of the guitar.

    So it was taken to Matt of Red Rocket Guitars and got a makeover. He took off the old bridge, patched all the holes, did some repair work to the bridge plate, reglued all of the braced, and installed a hand cut old-growth rosewood bridge with a FAT intonated bone saddle. The guitar absolutely rings now. Also he installed a bone nut. After a few months we put in a K&K Pure Mini passive pickup and the sound is perfect.

    The guitar is now set up for a true lefty and sounds absolutely phenomenal. Has that signature woody Gibson tone that these old slope shoulders are known for. The guitar is STILL opening up after being unplayed for so long, and will continue to sound better and better. Has 13s on it now.

    Overall the guitar is in fair condition. It has been PLAYED. Lots of checking, lots of wear, the finish is almost completely off on the treble (what used to the be bass side when it was played right handed) side. Still has the original tuners. Neck angle is great. Shouldn't need a reset anytime soon. A little bit of a belly, but the new bridge helped counter-act the affects of that. Next thing that needs to go would be the frets. They are low and a worn in the cowboy chord area, but I can play this guitar just fine considering.

    Comes with a nice thick padded brown HSC with a green velvet interior. Asking $2000.00 shipped.

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    The pictures are no longer there. Can you repost them?

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    It’s on reverb. I’d share the link but the forum won’t allow it. It’s still not working properly.

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    what is the nut width?
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    Updated pics

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    Nut is 1-5/8.

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