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Thread: refinishing a Danelectro U2

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    I tried brown shoe polish on a one inch sample and it cluttered in the nooks and crannys. but the top part wiped right off. so it didn't stay on.

    going to go to hobby lobby or michaels and see what they have for a stain or dye that will work smoothly on vinyl.

    I can buy spray stain, like they use on auto seats, but its nearly $30 a can. i'm sure it would work, but that's a little too much for the small job I need to do.

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    everything is in limbo till next week. i'm fighting bronchitis with bronchial spasms that are making it hard to breath out. i'm weezing like a bad tire. 102 fever. all the good thing you get when you get a full blown cold/flu. dr got me another antibiotic and 2 inhalers to calm this thing down. never had it this bad in my 30 years as a soloist. I've had to hire a singer to sing my songs. i'm currently just the backround guitarist. this sux!!!!

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    this is the type of binding tape i'm using. its really thick and very rough on the outer side of it. its the same type tape that was used on the Jerry Jones remakes. the older version was very thin and smooth, but had adhesion issues. this tape is super sticky and the thickness makes it more durable

    its just like thick electrical tape

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    since i'm sick at home and had to cancel a few gigs, I decided to sit and watch tv while polishing the body and neck. this guitar was hand polished. took 4 hours for the body and 2 for the neck. but, its glass smooth and full of sparkly goodness.

    still waiting for the new tape binding to arrive, along with a few stray pieces of hardware. hopefully will start feeling better so I have the strength to finish this guitar and put it back together.

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    Looking good, Jay! Hope you feel better soon!

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    Sparkley goodness indeed, great finish! Feel better.
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    Default FINISHED 2-29 2016

    it was a cool day today 67 degrees. this was my last day that I could put the binding tape on the body before the temps start rising and making it harder to install the tape binding.

    so I decided to finish this thing completely.

    I also took 4 quick vids of the guitar since the pics don't really show the sparkle.

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    I was able to dull the bright white binding with tan leather stain. it yellowed the binding just enough to match the other cream colored items on the guitar.

    I made multiple pickguards. I couldn't make a "D" that looked correct, so I just made the line along the edge of the pickguard. I have thin plexiglass and a slightly thicker plexiglass that seems more sturdy and less likely to scratch. I had to add a bevel to the edge like you would do on a normal pickguard.

    I also got rid of the plastic strap buttons. the best place to put the button is on the neck screw. balance is perfect there and doesn't bother when you put it in the case.

    I rewired the stacked pots so they work "righty" and now are smooth 1-10 in tone as well as volume. the middle position is still in series and it substantially louder in that position.

    too bad the tuners were backwards. i'd like to keep the D tuners on this guitar, but the gearing is backward. I have 2 different U2 danos and they both have backward tuners. WTH is with that??? anyway, I filled in the holes and put a set of kluson deluxe chrome tuners on this guitar.

    and lastly, I ordered some new rosewood bridge replacements that I can cut an intonation compensation to help the tuning. jerry jones made them for his dano copies. I should be able to match them for lefty intonation
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    Looks fantastic! I would leave the tuners if it was mine. I have one guitar (a strat) the previous owner put righty tuners on, and it bugged me at first. Since it's the only one that's like that though, I always remember those work backwards and it's not a problem now, just an oddity.
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