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Thread: refinishing a Danelectro U2

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    Wow Jay,

    It looks just great..................


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    I ordered some rosewood bridges for these danelectro guitars. jerry jones was able to shape them so the intonation was really good. I bought 3 and used a dremel to shape the bridge so the intonation is spot on. they are slightly bigger/wider than the original, so it was easy to mod. they were only $4 and made a big improvement over the original.

    for some reason photobucket is being an a$$ and wont let me upload anything. it goes to 90% uploaded and stops. I tried 2 computers and 3 different web browsers. all are doing the same thing. oh more pic

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    after trying to upload this photo 20 times, it finally finished.

    here is my version of a compensated bridge for the Danelectro guitars. I tried it on my old U2 and it works perfectly. will make one for the blue sparkle dano too

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    my Dano family

    kind of hard to find a case to fit these guitars. they wont fit in a Strat/Tele case. they are 13.5" wide. a couple ebay sellers have cases that suppose to fit danelectro, but they are too deep and the guitar wobbles around. you have to put a towel or foam underneath to secure the guitar.

    I ran into an ebay seller that is selling FretLight guitar cases. they are a perfect fit and run about $65 shipped. they are a molded case like Gator cases. well made and work perfectly for these guitars. that problem is solved.
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    Beautiful, Jay! You have so much talent!

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    I appreciate your comments,
    I've always been a quick learner and patient person. you have to be to paint guitars. after 3 disasters having other people paint guitars for me, I decided if I want it done, do it myself. took 5 tries on my first guitar before I figured what all the refinishers were talking about. hot rod forums helped. so did motorcycle painting forums. after 30+ guitars, I have a formula that works.

    I can usually knock out a paint job in a week. this one took over 2 months.

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