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Thread: refinishing a Danelectro U2

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    Default refinishing a Danelectro U2

    I recently bought a heavily relic'd 1990s Korean Dano. It had stickers on it at one time. instead of cleaning the sticky goo off with a solvent, they sanded the finish with 180 grit and ruined the finish. I got it cheap because of the finish. surprisingly, the guitar plays fantastic for a Masonite/plywood guitar. I love the lipstick pickups and the feel of the neck. action was low and fast.

    decided it was a perfect candidate for one of my famous sparkle finishes.

    here is the body and neck after I sanded and filled the scratches and dings prior to the refinish.

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    I am always looking for a new sparkle finish color. I've painted about every color available. I decided to go neon blue metallic with blue ice bath metal flake.

    the neon blue has a pearl look to it which has a silvery glow when you look at it from different angles

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    decided to flake the body and the front of the headstock. I had a friend give me a danelectro decal to install after I flake the headstock.

    blue ice bath flake

    after you flake, you have to bury the flake with 3-4 coats of clear. that way, you can let it cure a few days, then level the finish by block sanding and not worry about sanding into the flake and ruin the finish.

    these pics are with the flake on, but the finish is sanded flat. it looks dull, but will only take a couple more coats of clear to turn this finish into a sparkling bling machine.

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    after the first clearcoats, I wet sanded the headstock to 1000 grit so I can install the decal. now its ready for the last clear coats.

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    I decided to do the final clear coats on superbowl sunday. I sprayed 4 coats and then let it cure for a week.

    here is a teaser video of just the neck. once I put the guitar back together, i'll post a full detailed video and play it in a demo

    Danelectro sparkle video teaser
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    I like what you've done.
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    Looks fantastic!

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    The headstock decal makes it. The only thing that cold possibly make it better would be to paint the edges of the guitar with a darker blue sparkle to mimic the aesthetic of the original finish design. Still, very cool.

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    Impressive. Love it! Thanks for sharing.


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    I ordered the original tape for the edging. its going to be an off white. even the sparkle dano's have the tape. if I could've found a silver tape, I would've used that. the decal and pickguard have a silver trim.

    I was going to use the original D tuners, but they turn the wrong direction. I've never seen "lefty" 3x3 tuners. I guess danelectro thought that the gearing should go backwards for a lefty guitar. i'm replacing them with kluson small button tuners with white buttons.

    the back plate is an off white also. so the guitar will have quite a bit of off white trim around the body

    I start final sanding and polishing Tuesday. should be back together by the weekend. cant wait.

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