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Thread: My Latest Left Handed Guitar

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    Bird's Eye Maple back & rims, Bearclaw Spruce top, Black Walnut bindings, Cocobolo fingerboard & bridge. MY "MJ" model, similar in size to a 000 body, 24.9 inch scale length.
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    Wow, that's gorgeous.
    My favorite guitar depends on the song.

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    Yeah that's some solid craftsmanship! I want to know more. How many have you built, what's the bracing style like, how does it sound? Cool. Thanks for sharing.


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    That's purty! I'd like to know how it sounds. too. Any chance of a clip?

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    There are no secrets inside. It's a standard X brace system. There is plenty of room to tweak end results shaving, changing angles, that sort of thing. The guitar is very well balance and sweet with nice overtones. This is guitar number 97 of currently 102. The maple in this guitar is known to be at least eighty years out of the log.

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    That is a stunner! I admire your abilities!

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    What is the center of the rosette made of? Part of it looks like gold abalone, then, when I look again, parts look like wood. Either way, the effect is really nice. And I like the bound fingerboard, too!

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    The figuring on the top and back woods is very nice.

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    For some reason, I can't see the photos of this one but Kevin makes wonderful instruments.

    You might check out his facebook site—

    I have his #55, a 2008 grand concert. The top is made of quarter sawn Douglas Fir with a back and side of figured Soft maple.
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