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Thread: Lowden F23C cedar walnut

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    With some hesitation I'm putting one of the jewels of my little collection up for sale: This Lowden F23C was purchased new about 3 1/2 years ago from Vic at LeftyGuitarsOnly and for the most part has languished in my closet since, despite the better-than-fine guitar it truly is.

    Quoting Vic's original description:
    "This lefty George Lowden F23C has a cedar top, walnut back and sides and a cutaway for upper fret access. Lowden’s signature sound is bursting with overtones, and the cedar top on this guitar gives it a rich and earthy tone palette. The transparent tonal characteristics of the walnut back and sides really let the cedar top shine through. I order my Lowdens with their low profile neck option, which I find to be more comfortable than the standard neck, which is on the chunky side. A Lowden low profile neck feels like a regular neck to me, it’s not a thin neck carve by any means. Low action makes for incredible playability. Figured sycamore binding, a bone nut and split two-piece saddle, rosewood bridge, ebony fingerboard, gold Gotoh tuners with ebony buttons and Lowden’s hand-rubbed satin finish. An amazing voice to this instrument. George Lowden Guitars are built by hand at his Northern Ireland shop under his watchful eye. Lifetime warranty and a Lowden Hiscox case."

    Can't argue with any of that. I've found that perhaps it's a little too much guitar for my understated skill set, and that's the only reason it hasn't gotten the love it deserves. I'm getting married next year (for the first time at age 54, didn't want to rush into anything heh heh), and a slight thinning of the herd is in order (my prerogative, no pressure from my fiancee who understands that music is what I do and GAS is part of who I am).

    Full disclosure: within the first week after I bought this instrument, I was astonished and horrified to discover a significant finish crack right by the endpiece. It was determined that it was not in the wood itself, and repaired by Vancouver's well-known luthier Eiichi Ishikawa of Shuriya Guitarcraft under direct supervision from George Lowden and has been stable ever since. The repair is visible in my close-up pictures, and the pictures actually make it look worse than it really does - you have to hold the instrument up just the right way in just the right light to even really see it.

    Apart from this the instrument is in the same condition as the day I bought it. The Lowden-branded Hiskox case is in perfect shape.

    I am asking US$3000 for this guitar, plus shipping, prefer no Paypal fees. I am located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, occasionally travel to Washington state.
    Photo link:
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    Friends, first off, for those who don’t know Vancouver Southpaw, in every one of my private conversations with him, I’ve found him to be a standup guy.

    He’s had several really nice pieces over the past few years and trust me on his description of this instrument.

    Mike mentions the repair. Eiichi Ishikawa is perhaps the premier acoustic repair person in Vancouver. I owned a guitar shop in Vancouver for over a decade and have seen many of his repairs. There isn’t a person on this forum that wouldn’t be happy with Eiichi’s work.

    In other words, buy with confidence. I’d be all over this one if I didn’t already have a Lowden.

    And last words, best of luck with the sale and more importantly, best wishes for your wedding.
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    Thanks for the kind words, Shane.

    I'm not much for posting to forums in general so I don't have much of a profile here, but in terms of establishing credibility I should mention that I've bought a couple of guitars via Leftyfrets, most recently Maj7th's Martin 000-28 in summer 2014.
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    Price drop...having posted this I'm somewhat motivated to make it happen.

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    Price drop to $3500...edited in first post.

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    Price drop to $3350...

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    One last price drop to $3250...anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vancouver Southpaw View Post
    One last price drop to $3250...anyone?
    Beautiful guitar. Best of luck with the sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vancouver Southpaw View Post
    One last price drop to $3250...anyone?
    Is this still for sale? Signed up to the forum for this!

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