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Thread: Soldering Directly to a Jazzmaster Pickup

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    I have to replace some wiring in a 1965 Jazzmaster I own and I noticed that the black ground wire on the guitar's old neck pickup has a pretty bad connection to the pickup. I am thinking that this may be effecting the pickup's output.. I have only done a few soldering jobs on my guitars; I have no idea if I can just stick a soldering gun to a pickup. Is this ok-for me to remove the old wire and just replace it with a new one? And, what is the wire really connected to on the pickup?

    Thanks for the input.

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    Yo. I'm not the expert. I've wired a few guitars and built 1 '59 bassman copy (that is awesome!). But still take what I say lightly.

    - sounds like it's a ground wire. So either it's connected or it's not. There might be an ever so slight amount of 60 hz him added if the ground isn't perfect but that's it.

    - you can place a soldering iron on the chassis of the pickup. But I think it's worthwhile to cautious so if the soldering iron was on there for a long time and then you realized you had to redo it etc, I might let heat dissipate for awhile.

    - maybe post a pic if you want to discuss in more detail.

    Good luck!


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    I've replaced the leads on several pickups, just don't over solder. Take your time and you'll be alright.

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    Make sure the iron is hot. Wipe the tip clean. Hold it just long enough to heat the joint. Put solder on the joint, not the iron. Don't blow on the solder to cool it. You'll be fine.

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