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Why was my registration deleted?

A) You didn't respond to the e/mail from the administrator asking you to confirm that you are a lefty player.... Or B) Your sign up name made no sense..... strings of random letters put together, stupid names or obvious spam names and/or e/mail addresses. This board is a "NO SPAM ZONE"!!!

Why can't I read the threads and posts anymore?

Due to huge amounts of spam we have made the board private. (August 2007) What does that mean? Simply that you need to register (it's free!) in order to read the board and your registration has to be approved by an administrator before you will receive posting priviledges. Once you register you will receive an e/mail from an administrator asking you to confirm that you are a lefty player. Once confirmed you will receive a note telling you that you have been approved and at that point in time you can start posting.

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