FS: 1946 D-28L

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There are 4 or 5 others (according to records) but it's the first one I've ever seen. Congrats! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Do you mind telling us who is doing the repair work?
The guitar was repaired by Ken Fallon. He re-slotted the bridge (says can't see the previous), installed a new nut, sourced a nice very close looking pick guard and took out the strap pin the right handed guy who ruined the top stuck on the neck. Ken said the neck is still strong and straight and for now no reset required. Frets are original he thinks and worn but ok for now. Ken further said the guitar plays and sounds great. It's clearly been played allot over it's 71 years, complete with mojo and is very cool. It's now with a friend who's holding it on Long Island until I can get to America to retrieve it.. Here's a picture Ken took. To say I'm lucky to have this would be an understatement.

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