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I love this place and I love you guys and gals. Seems that as our political season has gone deeper and deeper into personal attacks and insults, that a wave of this is spreading throughout our world... and perhaps, even here.

I've had members tell me recently that they hesitate to put a guitar up for sale here because of criticism and attacks about either the guitar that's for sale or the asking price. Mark and I do our best to moderate and keep this junk out, but we're human and we can't catch everything.

A reminder of something that is on our home page might be in order about now.

"Please keep discussions civil. "Can't we all just get along?" No politics, no religion, and no profanity.... on any forum, any time. Thanks for your cooperation!"

I don't believe in long lists of rules and want to avoid that here. I will say this going forward, though.

1) No personal attacks on this forum are going to be permitted. PERIOD.

2) If you feel that you have been attacked or slighted or slammed, PM Mark or myself FIRST - BEFORE you respond on this forum - and give us a chance to make things right.

We will edit posts and if necessary delete them in total in order to keep peace here. We'd both much rather that you police your own posts and THINK about what you're posting before you hit "Submit".

It's really easy, y'all. Be nice. Be considerate. If you have something that bugs you, TAKE IT OFF the forum, please. You can PM or e/mail another member and y'all can hash things out on your own time. LeftyFrets is NOT the place for fighting and arguing.

One last reminder...

Any negativity toward guitars for sale will NOT be tolerated, period.
If someone has a $200 guitar and wants to ask $10,000 for it, so what? The silence they'll get will show them how overpriced it is. You get the idea...

Thanks, y'all!

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